The Group

Newland S&T Group was established in 1994 by 18 intellectuals in Fuzhou City of Fujian Province. From the very beginning, Newland always insisted upon the principal of "Development through independent innovation", and has grown into a comprehensive hi-tech group.

Newland's business covers 3 categories: Internet of Things, Digital TV, & Environment Protection.

Newland is a leader in the field of "Internet of Things" with her leading technologies, core products, industrial applications, and innovative business modes; Newland supplies digital TV comprehensive solutions & wireless communication equipments; Newland also provides the equipments and services for environment protection with her self-owned and unique-in-China technologies of UVC (Ultra Violet Cleaning tech) and Ozone Generation.

"Newland Computer", a corporation within the group, was listed in China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2000, coded: 000997 

Newland's motto is: Industrialization through S&T innovation for servicing the country.

As "Internet of Things", "Merging of the 3 nets", "Energy saving & Environment Protection" were all listed as rising industry of national strategic importance in the 12th 5-year plan of Chinese government, Newland is now enjoying an unprecedented opportunity of growth. Newland will dedicate her adequate contribution for the changing of China's economy growth mode, and will help pushing forward for the internationalization of products "Created by China".

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